From pictures, to patterns to predictions. More than just a trail camera, DeerMapper is a system designed to use pictures and data to pattern specific deer movement and predict when and where they will be, revolutionizing the hunting world. Using patented technology and an array of imagers to transmit pictures and data with radio waves to one gateway, we have given hunters access to unprecedented predictive data and real time deer movement at a fraction of the cost.


Pictures in file folders alone restrict the ability to visualize deer patterns. Using DeerMapper, the hunter can study the herd by coupling images with our analysis tools to build connected patterns of data without ever entering the woods.


Countless factors effect why the deer appeared in the camera lens. Our exclusive data structure includes 150 indicators, factors, influences, and action triggers built at the time of movement and an hour before. Patterns become apparent using the latest visual and analytical tools.


Where do I hunt and when should I be there? Hunting success depends on that answer. To predict deer movement without deer patterns limits prediction to hunches and past experience. Not anymore. Our mobile app makes predictions using empirical data and sophisticated algorithms to tell the hunter when/where to hunt.