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The Evolution of DeerMapper




Like many of you, my family is blessed with many generations of hunters. My brothers and I have had long discussions about how to keep this tradition alive in our modern culture. How do you keep the next generation interested in hunting and helping them achieve the results they seek, all while utilizing technology? Our answer to that is DeerMapper.

In 2010, I was in my deer stand by the south field of our hunting property. Halfway into my hunt, my wife called laughing. She had spotted the deer in the west field. I’ll get them tomorrow, I thought. The next evening, after settling into my west field stand, she called again to inform me that the deer were back in the south field. That was Sunday and my weekend hunt was over.

After hunting this land for 40 years how could the deer elude me like that? Had they been doing this all along? I realized with my land three hours away, there just wasn’t time to scout the herd. I thought using trail cameras would be enough to draw conclusions on their activity. I had evidence of the deer in both locations, but no hard data to determine where they would be next.

After that fateful day of coming up short in the field, I searched and searched for a tool that could help solve my problem. With all of the technology out there today, I was rather disappointed that nothing out there offered a solution. I knew it was time to try creating my own


In 2015, my son, son-in-law, and I got three good-sized bucks, each only spending a half hour in the woods. It was amazing to scout the herd live online the weeks prior, then to have the deer show up at the anticipated arrival time. Our excitement in seeing our vision come to life and perform the way we hoped was priceless. My son gained a new enthusiasm for hunting that day. We went beyond a hunter’s instinct and used our technology and data to advance our understanding of the deer’s movements.

This merging of the traditional and modern was far more fun than sitting in trees for days to no avail. No more expecting the deer to be in the south field when they were in the west field.

After five years of research and testing, we are excited to announce that DeerMapper will be ready to reveal to the public in 2024. Our first patent was issued and is followed by several other patents pending.